About Us

About Us

Sarah Sumner | Colorado Interior Designer We are a team of multi-talented, creative yet business minded professionals who are passionate about design.

At Fusion Interiors, we specialize in merging your needs with our expertise with interior design for new construction and remodels, and whole house furnishing packages. We bring our unique and varied strengths of artistry, intuition, project management, sustainable interior design, Hunter Douglas window coverings, and communication skills to each client project. 

Hello! I am Sarah, and I started Fusion Interiors in the early 90's after the birth of my eldest daughter. Holding a BSN in Nursing and BA in business, I had been working as the Director of the Health Services Department at our local school district headquarters. After I had my daughter I wanted to work from home part time while my (eventually three) kids were young. I also realized I was more of an entrepreneur and an artist more than anything else I had ever ventured into. 

In the beginning, I started out by designing and fabricating custom window coverings. In 2000, I began offering interior design for new homes and remodels, and Fusion Interiors became a full-service design studio.

I regard myself as an artist at heart who is also a very strong organizer and project manager. I am a very good listener with impeccable attention to detail, which comes in handy in every aspect of my life. These attributes especially come in handy when it comes to listening to what you want and need in your home project, and all that goes into the project along the way! 

My goals working with each client are pretty simple; to listen to what you want and need and then use my skills to bring together an end result you will love to live in...thus the name, Fusion Interiors!

I am often asked how am I different from most other designers out there. Well, here it is. I have unique and varied strengths of artistry, intuition, project management, and communication skills that I bring to the table and into the client’s home. I am skilled at seeing the big picture and I have the staff and support in all of the details along the way to support our journey together. I am committed to listening to what you have to say. I will spend the time getting to know your unique personality, lifestyle and aesthetics, and I have a gift of "getting" my clients in a fairly quick time. 

My intention is always to make our time together, as well as fun and stress free!

I am passionate about merging your needs and desires with my expertise in energy efficient and sustainable interior design practices. I was one of the founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and I have been trained in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Additionally, I work to keep up with the best practices in energy efficiency. 

I am concerned about climate change, and believe that building smarter and more energy efficient is imperative in this world at this time. I do think size and insulation matters, and I do think it is wise to harness the power of the sun in the location of our homes with alternative means of using energy. If you consult with me before you go to a builder or architect, I will make sure we bring together a team that is committed to energy efficient building and sustainable interior design from the start.

Sarah's Bio

Sarah got her start in Art and Design in kindergarten age 5. According to her mother, she drew a life size clown, with nearly perfect proportions, on a large sheet of paper that was taller than she was. She has been drawing and designing ever since, including her first start up called "Sequel", a competitor to Patagonia fleece jackets in the early 80's. 

Sarah moved to Durango Colorado for the summer when she was 19 and fell in love with the mountains and the natural environment around the Four Corners. She loves rivers, rafting, and water in general. She hiked many of the 14’ers in the area working as a back backing guide in her early 20’s. A couple of college degrees and three children later, she fully realized her career path and passion was in the world of design, and Fusion Interiors was born. 

Sarah lives in Durango Colorado and loves it’s extra special community and environment. In her free time, she is usually seen outdoors practicing yoga, hiking, trail and river running, or enjoying a locally sourced meal with family and friends. She enjoys giving back by volunteering and supporting local non profits in the area. She would rather call them "social" profits, because they profit our society in many ways!

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by experiencing the moments that take your breath away!"
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fusion interiors family
fusion interiors family
fusion interiors family

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