The Inside View on Window Coverings

17 Sep 2015

I believe it is human nature to love a beautiful view.  I search for them wherever I go: on the top of a mountain, at the top of a sandstone cliff on Cedar Mesa Utah, or inside a home.  Beautiful views create good feelings.  One of my latest projects, providing interior design for a new home in Pagosa, was oriented to magnify the beautiful view  of Squaretop Mountain. The owners love this area so much they had June Jurack (a water color painter known in Durango for her whimsical gift cards) paint the view on a label for their home-crafted wine.

Large windows are often installed that showcase incredible views.  However, unless the windows have been well designed with thoughtful planning, those “take your breath away” glories come with a price.  I have worked with numerous  homeowners  who complain that their lovely and large windows either heat the room up too much, or cool it down too much, or the room occupants are blinded with glare.

There is one window covering family that offers many solutions to the issues posed by excess heat, cold or glare. The Duette Architella honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas were first invented in Broomfield, Colorado over 30 years ago. From its humble beginnings it has grown to be the number one window covering in climates such as ours. The Duette Architella is energy efficient to the maximum!

Five reasons why Duette Architella shades are so popular :

Cold and Hot Climate Benefits;  Duette Architella shades reduces cold, exterior air from entering and  prevents interior air from escaping, and vice versa for the hot climates.

Reduces Energy Consumption; Duette Architella shades are one of only a few that are so insulating they use to qualify for a Federal Tax Credit until they ended the program in 2013.

Environmentally Sensitive; All Duette Architella fabrics are GREENGUARD certified. Select fabrics contain sustainable and recycled content.

Architella Duettes are extremely versatile. They come in hundreds of fabrics and colors, five different headrail systems including  a vertical system for sliding glass doors, and various opacity options from sheer to semi-opaque to blackout.  They are low profile to retain most of the view.

There are numerous other window covering solutions. Most shades are available with  hard wired motorization, which include options for home automation and integrated IPAD apps (for the techy person, tons of info can be provided).  Many types of window shadings are on the market today, including the infamous Silhouette shade, and the new Solera Soft Shades by Hunter Douglas.

Sunscreens are popular in offices and restaurants to retain the view yet cut the glare. Some shades look like drapes but roll up in a low profile such as the Vignette and Roller Shade Collections. For the fabric lover, custom draperies also offer high insulation and glare cutting capabilities.

The need for window coverings tend to be similar for most people; heat, cold, glare, privacy, and aesthetics.  The best options for meeting those needs are varied and complex. To get the most out of your time and money, consult a professional who can assist you with balancing your needs and your budget. You will be glad you did.

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