Interior Design for New Construction and Renovations

Interior Design for New Construction and Renovations

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If you have found yourself browsing this site you are probably needing help with interior design for new construction or renovation.

Bringing in a designer is a big decision and when the right designer is chosen it can bring very positive results. Hiring an interior designer saves you time, energy and stress!
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How are we different?

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At Fusion Interiors we have unique and varied strengths of artistry, intuition, project management, and communication skills that we bring to the table and into your home. We are skilled at seeing the big picture and we have the staff and support in all of the details along the way to support our journey together. We will work diligently until the very last installation to make the interior design for new construction and renovation processes easy and enjoyable for you. 

The staff at Fusion Interiors holds an intention to make our time together meaningful, as well as fun and stress free! 

We are not pushy, but we know that sometimes clients may need a nudge in the direction to help them reach the most beneficial end result. We know how to organize all of the many design decisions in a big project, and like to start planning well in advance for all of your finishes. We believe this is important to stay within your budget and spread out the many decisions in a more spacious manner. You will need space and time to approve the many decisions involved and we are skilled at guiding you along the way.  We like to have as many plans and finish decisions done as possible before we even break ground on your new construction or renovation project. From the planning stage to the move in, we are there for you every step of the way.


Most of our new construction and renovation interior design clients live in other locations and we have years of experience with working with clients from a distance. We have many tools to make sure that despite the distance, we fully understand and cater to your needs and desires. First of all, we get to know you by asking questions and listening to your needs, and learn about your personal tastes and desires.

We do plenty of prep work before our design meetings to make them go smoothly and streamline the process. You are presented with the best options and we work to understand who you are before we dive in. We do our face to face meetings when you are in town and also have weekly meetings on the phone or via Facetime, along with email. We create digitial design boards and file all of our photos, designs and specifics in shared folders so you can easily see what is happening. 
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team and we enjoy working with our fabulous local General Contractors and Architects in all phases of the construction process. We are very strong collaborators because our shared talent creates a better end product for you. We do field visits with the GC and the sub-contractors such as tile installers and electricians to make sure we stay on the same page with all of the design and finishes. 

One of the things our designers enjoy the most are field visits to meet with the tile guys to make sure they understand our designs, and then hearing their best ideas for installing the design. We always learn from our electricians as well, and appreciate the collaboration that can happen with some of their great ideas, for example, LED accent lighting strips high up in a ceiling beam area.

At Fusion Interiors, we strive to bring together our design skills, our ability to see the big picture and our attention to detail and strong teamwork to make the interior design for new construction or renovation a rewarding and stress-free experience.

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